About Us

Diversity is more than a slogan at AlvaradoSmith. It’s how we practice law.

Over 25 years ago, Ray Alvarado and Ruben Smith had a vision of leveraging the growing diversity of the legal profession to bring clients better service, more creative and practical solutions, and a greater focus on the business and strategic success of the people they serve.

They founded AlvaradoSmith in 1993 to turn that vision into a law firm committed to excellence and guided by an unwavering conviction that differences among our lawyers and professionals make the firm stronger and the client work better.

Culture of Service

Since then, they have nurtured a culture of service at AlvaradoSmith that inspires us to deliver — every day — creativity, quality, and lasting value to the entrepreneurs, mid-sized companies, Fortune 500 corporations, and public agencies we represent.

As solutions- and strategy-driven advisors, we partner closely with our clients to understand their challenges and their goals, and to provide guidance and advocacy that gets them closer to their short- and long-term objectives. We employ efficient case management, strategic staffing, quick case resolution methods, and novel value-based fee arrangements to align with clients’ specific interests, on each individual matter. We employ state-of-the-art technology and cybersecurity to better serve, collaborate with, and safeguard our clients’ data and strategies.

Committed to Client Success

We build lifelong relationships with our clients—many of whom have entrusted us to handle their legal affairs since the founding of the firm—that allow us to quickly discern their goals and problems, to understand their challenges, and to work closely with them to quickly assess their options, develop effective strategies, and execute agreed-upon plans of action to achieve optimal results as efficiently as possible.

Practical and Comprehensive Advice

Our clients rely on us for the practical and comprehensive advice they need to compete and succeed in today’s demanding competitive environment, including on a diverse set of labor and employment, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, environmental and natural resources, public law, intellectual property, and financial institution matters.

Diversity and Innovation

We are a National Minority Supplier Development Council certified law firm, and one of the nation’s largest minority-owned and -operated firms. From the firm’s founding 25 years ago, we have consistently drawn on the diverse talents, perspectives, and backgrounds of our attorneys and professionals to bring our clients innovative solutions to their legal and business challenges.

A Firm for the Future

Today, AlvaradoSmith is a full-service law firm with approximately 30 attorneys located in three offices across California where quality professionals thrive in an environment that values excellence, inclusion, and client service and dedication. A stronger, smarter, and more skillful 21st-century law firm, dedicated to helping clients succeed today and long into the future.

Since the firm’s founding more than 25 years ago, the lawyers at AlvaradoSmith have been driven by a singular goal: to provide innovative and practical solutions to the strategic, financial, and business problems facing our clients.

Over the past quarter century, we have created a stronger, smarter, and more skillful 21st-century law firm, dedicated to a culture of efficiency, pragmatism, ongoing process improvement, and our core values:

Excellence: Exemplary client service, quality legal guidance, creative business advice, and practical and effective solutions upon which our clients can rely: the hallmarks of our commitment to excellence are the long-standing relationships and trust we have established with clients throughout our history.

Diversity: The diversity at AlvaradoSmith—diversity of thought, of vision, of perspective, and of background—guides us as an institution, allowing us to leverage the differences within the firm and our communities to strengthen our understanding of the challenges and obstacles facing our clients.

Integrity: We keep our word, we respect our clients and the law, and we are driven by honesty, candor, moral rectitude, and decency in both our decisions and our actions at AlvaradoSmith. We bring the same integrity and responsiveness that we seek in our own relationships to every client representation.

Teamwork: The foundation of the firm—our people—is our greatest strength and the source of the value we add to our clients every day. That’s why we’ve built AlvaradoSmith around providing the professional development, mentoring, and ongoing training our lawyers and professionals need to thrive.

Accountability: Our commitment to our clients requires us to hold ourselves—individually and collectively—accountable for the solutions we provide and for the success we help them achieve, and to continually push ourselves and our colleagues to improve the quality and delivery of the legal services we provide.

Community Leadership: Giving back to our communities—civic and non-profit groups, professional and personal interests—has been integral to AlvaradoSmith since the founding of the firm. We know that the world can be a better place, and we’re committed to making that happen, both as a firm and as individuals.










The lawyers and professionals at AlvaradoSmith are driven by the same passion for integrity and commitment to our communities as we are to clients of the firm.

Since the firm’s founding over 25 years ago, we have had the continued support of countless professional and personal communities. We are proud to return that support and to give back—lead educational programs and diversity pipeline initiatives, pitch in and raise funds after natural disasters, support the arts and community-building efforts, and more—as partners with the people and organizations that are making the world a better place, today and into the future.

Community Involvement Benefits Everyone

Throughout the ranks of the firm, we believe that supporting the community as volunteers, donors, and influential leaders is the right thing to do. It brings us together, helps us grow, and provides us with a better understanding of the attitudes and values of the people around us.

Equally important, giving back to our communities makes us better lawyers and better advocates for the people we represent. It connects us to resources and relationships that can benefit our clients. It fosters local economic development and increased collaboration between business and community leaders.

Leadership on Diversity and Inclusion

Our lawyers and professionals have been leaders on the issues of diversity and inclusion since the founding of AlvaradoSmith. For example, to address diversity concerns in the legal profession and create the beginnings of a pipeline toward a more diverse culture in law firms, we re-engineered the traditional “Take Your Child to Work“ day at the firm, inviting students and their parents from Los Angeles’ Southgate neighborhood, some of whom were potential first-generation college students, to visit our office for a day and explore the legal profession as a career.

Outside of the firm, we have actively pursued greater diversity and improved inclusion in the legal professional and broader community, including in particular as:

  • Board Member, California Minority Counsel Program
  • Board Member, The Women’s Foundation of California
  • Founder, Hispanic Education Endowment Fund
  • Founder, California Hispanic Corporate Council Leadership Institute
  • Chair, LGBT Division of the Hispanic National Bar Association
  • Latino Advisory Board Member, City National Bank
  • Board Member, United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Trustee, St. Joseph Hospital Board of Trustees

Our work in this area has led to broad acknowledgment from community and business leaders, who have recognized our lawyers and professional with the following awards:

  • 2017, ”Adelante Award,” Los Angeles Latino Chamber of Commerce
  • 2017, ”Legacy Award,” University of Southern California Latino Alumni Association
  • 2016, Executive Volunteer of the Year, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles
  • 2015, “Hall of Fame,“ California Minority Counsel Program
  • 2013, “Founders Award,“ Alliance for a Better Community
  • 2010, “Top 100 Hispanic Influentials,“ Hispanic Business Magazine
  • 2009, “Local Hero Award,“ KCET Public Television
  • 2008, “Los Angeles Leader Award,“ Loyola Marymount University (LMU)
  • 2001, “Man of the Year,“ White Memorial Medical Center
  • 1998, “Alumni Role Model,“ LMU Latino Alumni Association

Community Service at AlvaradoSmith

We are committed to supporting and positively influencing the communities in which we live and practice, as well as national organizations that champion the causes in which we believe. A sampling of this commitment includes our active involvement in the following organizations:

  • Co-Founder, Academy of Special Dreams Foundation
  • Founder, ESP Education & Leadership Institute and Business of Success Beyond Sports (BOSS)
  • Board Member, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles
  • Board Member, Plaza de Cultura y Artes
  • Board Member, Latina Public Service Academy
  • Board Member, Holy Family Services, Adoptions and Placement of Children
  • Board Member, Catholic Big Brother Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles
  • Board Member, Aviva Family and Children’s Services
  • Board Member, Olive Crest
  • Professional Advisory Council, Children’s Hospital of Orange County
  • Governing Board, White Memorial Medical Center
  • Mentor, Tiger Woods Foundation Scholarship Program

Applications are now open for the AlvaradoSmith Raymond G. Alvarado Scholarship for college students interested in a career in law!

For more information on how to apply and to see all the scholarships offered by the Hispanic Education Endowment Fund, click the link below.


Minority representation in the legal profession has been an acute concern for more than three decades. Although Latinos currently make up almost 50 percent of California’s population, fewer than four percent of California’s lawyers identify as Latino. Nationwide the numbers are even more staggering: Latinos account for less than 2.5 percent of all practicing attorneys, and that number is decreasing.

To help reverse this trend, the attorneys at AlvaradoSmith established the Raymond G. Alvarado Scholarship Fund, a subsidiary fund of the Hispanic Education Endowment Fund, which provides financial assistance to Latino students in law school who have demonstrated leadership and involvement in the Latino community.

Mr. Alvarado, an accomplished artist and one of the first Latino attorneys in Orange County, rose to the highest ranks in the legal profession as a co-founder of AlvaradoSmith, today one of the largest minority-owned law firms based in California. He championed the pursuit of higher education among Latinos, particularly mentoring those pursuing a career within the legal field.

The scholarship provides opportunities for continuing generations of able and accomplished Latinos to achieve excellence and become leaders in the legal field, enabling them to follow in Mr. Alvarado’s footsteps.

We are committed to continuing the legacy of Mr. Alvarado, and to taking steps toward increasing the number of Latino attorneys in the workforce. We believe that diverse lawyers in the profession are critical because diversity encourages enriched thinking, varied perspectives, and insightful solutions.

We welcome current Latino law students to apply for financial assistance by contacting Mayra Jimenez mjimenez@alvaradosmith.com.

Applications are accepted from Mid-October to End of December. Further information can be found here:  http://www.heef.org/sub-funds/

Donations to the AlvaradoSmith Raymond G. Alvarado Scholarship Fund help students afford law school, promote diversity within the legal profession, and plant seeds for future Latino attorneys, professors, and judges. To contribute to the fund with a tax-deductible donation, please contact the Hispanic Education Endowment Fund (HEEF): HEEF@oc-cf.org