Monisha A. Coelho will be a featured panelist on “Building for the Future on Blockchain: Panel of Industry Experts — Ensuring your Leadership in Tomorrow’s World,”  hosted by the Association of Information Technology Professionals LA (AITP-LA) on April 28, 2022, at 6:00 PM PDT.

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Paul Brody – Principal and Global Blockchain Leader, Ernst & Young
Bhargav Perepa – Blockchain IT Architect/ Specialist, IBM
Monisha Coelho – Partner – Business, Real Estate, India (Crypto), AlvaradoSmith Law
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The world of Blockchain is evolving rapidly – from Bitcoin Layer 2.0/ layer 3.0 to Ethereum Layer 2.0 platforms like Polygon and Solana. There are private platforms like Hyperledger Fabric. And now there are fast-developing decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions. Ethereum and its Layer 2 networks represent 75% of all DeFi dollars, 95% of all NFTs, and three to 10 times the number of software developers than other ecosystems.

The choice of platform is a crucial one in application development – and will directly impact the success of your venture. Mainstream adoption of Blockchain will mirror the growth cycles of cloud, enterprise software, and personal computing – 15 to 25 years of 25-35% growth. The Blockchain financial ecosystem is estimated to become 40 times larger than it is today, with market cap of $110 trillion. Now is the time to establish leadership, and your choice of platform is the foundation for trust and future market share.

Some critical factors in selecting a blockchain platform include:
1. The type of application you’re building – requirements, including transaction privacy
2. Scalability and throughput of the platform, “gas” costs.
3. Adoption rate: the strength of the community, Services offered by the ecosystem
4. Development standards and processes.

Our speakers will share insights into these things, including
• Private vs Public – Should you utilize both private (permissioned) and public blockchains, or simply build securely on public blockchains and infrastructure?
• Benefits – The standout capabilities of DLT / blockchains, their unique value, and risks
• Current Trends/ Strategies in blockchain development, tools and process
• Designing for decentralization – thinking in native blockchain terms (not easy)
• Designing for privacy – for smart contracts, both privacy of transfer details and of business logic
• Integration of blockchain into existing applications.
• Governance rules/ protocols – development, support, and release management.

There are also significant legal considerations for blockchain transactions, and we’ll hear about those elements as well:
• Jurisdictional/regulatory issues – transactions may span many locations across the world.
• Intellectual property – limitations of open-source licenses, plus the need for patent safeguards.
• Smart contracts – developer responsibilities for code which malfunctions or operates in a manner not intended by the parties to a transaction.
• Product acceptance — defining the stage at which acceptance occurs.

This will be a fantastic conversation with many practical takeaways. Join us for insights on technologies which are forming a foundation for the business landscape of the future.

Monisha Coelho represents clients – from startups to multinational corporations – in commercial and corporate matters and litigation before state and federal courts. Monisha is a data security and privacy attorney advising companies on CCPA and CPRA compliance, enforcement, risk mitigation, and litigation. She is licensed to practice law in India and advises clients on cross-border US-India business transactions, litigation, and data privacy matters.

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